Chan by Investigating Body and Mind

 “You only have to carefully look inside of yourself (反觀) and examine skandhas, āyatanas and dhātus one by one: is there a tiniest thing to be obtained?” 

[The guest] replied: “I have carefully contemplated it, and have not seen anything which can be obtained.”

 The Master said: “Have you destroyed the characteristic of the mind and body?” 

[The guest] answered: “The nature of the mind and body is such that they disappear by themselves, what is there left to destroy?” 

The Master asked: “Is there any thing outside the mind and body?” 

[The guest] answered: “The mind and the body have no outside, how could there be any thing?” 

The Master asked: “Have you destroyed the mundane characteristic?” 

[The guest] answered: “The mundane characteristic is the absence of characteristics, what is left there to destroy?” 

The Master said: “If so, than you have overcome the mistake.”

(source: The Chán Teaching of Nányáng Huìzhōng (-775) in Tangut Translation by Kirill Solonin; also found in Records of the Transmission of the Lamp, vol 7, 28.1; T51n2076p438c26-439a2)

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